Sole Stockholder Not Employee Under VA Workers’ Compensation Act

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The claimant was injured at the auto glass company he owns.   The business had a workers’ compensation insurance policy but the insurer argued that the claimant was not an employee as defined by the Act so he was not subject to the policy’s coverage.

The insurer emailed the claimant stating that he had the option to exclude himself from coverage, for which he would receive a discount.  The claimant completed and signed the Rejection of Coverage form, listing himself as the President of the business. The claimant testified that he was the owner of the business and that he was the only shareholder of a stock corporation.

The claimant argued that he qualified for coverage as an executive officer and that his rejection of coverage was not effective because it was not filed with the Commission.  The Deputy Commissioner disagreed, finding that the claimant was not an employee because he was the sole shareholder of a stock corporation and did not expressly elect to be covered pursuant to Va. Code § 65.2-101(l)(n).  The Commission affirmed.

Read the full opinion in Ghaderi v. A Best Auto Glass Inc. 

Defense for this case was Joe McNally. 

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