Medical Campus Development

We represent health care providers of all types, including hospitals, health systems, physicians, physician practices, and long-term care providers in the:

  • Resolution of health care reimbursement issues, including details of Medicare and Medicaid rules
  • Navigation of federal and state regulatory and licensure requirements, including state Certificate of Public Need, federal Anti-Kickback statue, the Stark Anti-Self-Referral Law, Medicare and Medicaid registration
  • Start-to-finish development of medical campuses facilitated by all types of financing and real estate structures

Our broad experience with the full spectrum of health care providers positions us to understand the complex nexus of relationships that exist on medical campuses. Effective medical campus development requires detailed attention to the parts and deep understanding of the whole of the project. We appreciate that there can be no “one-size-fits-all” approach to these distinctive and complex opportunities. Our decades of interdisciplinary experience will guide you as we work side-by-side to achieve your goals.

Our group provides integrated legal services:

  • Land acquisition, assemblage and entitlements
  • Financing options, e.g. off-balance sheet financing and private placements
  • Mixed-use development strategies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Facilitation of medical staff involvement
  • Formulation of tax strategies for non-profit and for-profit systems
  • Attention to distinctive needs and opportunities of rural health providers  

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