Jennifer Minear Urges Virginia Businesses to Speak Up About Legal Immigration Problems

Virginia Business Logo 600x350Minear calls the situation “a frustrating game right now. You have to be prepared for how to play that game. It’s totally unpredictable.”

In a recent interview by Virginia Business magazine, immigration attorney, and President-Elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Jennifer Minear, states: "American companies need to make it plain the impact this is having on the American economy.”

The article warns that the biggest immigration problems businesses currently face are visa application delays and denials. Companies in need of specialized workers, especially in the tech sector, depend on the H-1B visa employment program, America's largest temporary worker visa program. From Capital One to University of Virginia, the article states, "...last year, the top 100 Virginia employers filing applications to sponsor H-1B workers were seeking to hire nearly 7,850 people at an average salary of $82,643, according to employment website"  

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