McCandlish Holton offers a comprehensive benefits package. Our benefits range from health and dental insurance to volunteer program leave. A description of many of our benefits can be found below.

Health and Dental Insurance

The firm offers health and dental care coverage under its group health insurance policies to all full-time employees. Prescription drug benefits are included in the firm’s health plans. New employees are eligible to receive health and dental benefits on the first day of the first full month of employment.

Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Full-time employees are eligible to receive short- and long-term disability insurance coverage under the firm's group life and disability insurance plan. Employee premiums for this coverage are paid by the firm.

Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Full-time employees are eligible to receive life/accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage under the firm’s group plan.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Full-time employees are eligible to purchase supplemental life insurance at the firm’s group rate. This insurance is completely portable and offers up to $250,000 of coverage with no medical underwriting.

401(k) Profit-Sharing Plan

Employees are eligible to participate in the firm’s 401(k) plan on the first pay date following three months of employment with 250 hours of service. McCandlish Holton, on a discretionary basis, provides a generous matching contribution to all qualifying employee 401(k) plans. This matching contribution is vested when made. McCandlish Holton also provides, on a discretionary basis, a profit-sharing contribution to all qualifying 401(k) plans. Vesting of profit-sharing contributions occurs after three years of employment.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The firm offers full-time employees the option of participating in three pre-tax flexible spending accounts: a Medical Expense Account, a Dependent Care Account and a Parking Expense Account. These accounts provide a savings to employees by using pre-tax money to fund expenditures.

Annual Leave

Full-time employees are eligible to receive paid annual leave, the amount of which increases based on years of service with the firm.


The firm observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Volunteer Program Leave

The firm provides eight hours paid leave annually for employees to participate in firm-sponsored volunteer program activities.

Flexible Work Schedule

McCandlish Holton offers employees the ability to work a more flexible schedule depending on family and work needs.

Professional Development

Employees are encouraged to participate in professional organizations that enhance development and job performance. McCandlish Holton funds full-time employees’ membership in professional organizations approved by their supervisor.

Educational Assistance

Attendance at seminars, workshops, conferences is paid 100% by the firm. The firm also reimburses employees a portion of the cost of classes at local colleges or universities. In both instances, the curriculum must pertain to the employee’s position and must enhance professional development and/or specific job performance.